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We regret contracting with CDC Pools. We signed a contract March 1 for a simple 3 week remodel.

It is May 1 and we still have a big hole in the ground. CDC Pools doesn't return our phone calls and hasn't shown up for appointments. The worst part? They required 1/2 payment down at signing of contract and another flat fee of $8200 after chip out of the old plaster and tile which they did on day 1 of the re-model.

We have already paid them $18200 and the tile and plaster hasn't even been completed!

We were assigned a "field supervisor" who we haven't seen or heard from since the initial chip out a month ago. Run....don't walk....away from CDC Pools!

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I turned this one over to Lewis our construction manager. We looked at all contracts signed March 1.


We tracked all contracts that signed around that time frame and close to those numbers (We do not require a "flat fee" as you describe). Again, nothing.

Anonymous, please contact Lewis at CDC Pools at 602-339-7729.

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