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Getting the company to respond at all is a major problem....they tell lies about scheduling and don't show one calls to explain or reschedule...the superintendent is a real *** who is worthless....really sorry I.let a friend talk me into hiring these idiots. Work is not yet done and I am praying the job is not screwed up and if it even gets completed will be a surprise. PLEASE do not hire this company for your pool work.

I will be watching their every move to make sure the job is completed without furthermore damage.

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I agree with all of the above! We are in the middle of a pool remodel with CDC.

They make appts and never show up. They don't call to explain or reschedule. We must have the same worthless superintendent...his namne is Jeff.

The alleged "superintendent" is NOWHERE to be found and we have to act as our own superintendent interfacing with the scheduler and telling her whether or not a crew came out or if they finished their task. I too, regret going with CDC and would not recommend!

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